Has Constant-Travel Made Me Unappreciative?

When I was younger I dreamed about packing my bags and going on trips. Even if it was just to  LA, which is only a 4 hour drive from my hometown of Las Vegas.

Everything was a big deal. Sleeping the night before a flight was like Christmas Eve. I loved the energy at the airport. You know that feeling of the constant rush of people coming and going. People excited to come or sad to leave, it thrilled me.

Never in a million years did I think I would live a life of constant-travel.

Like many Americans, I went most of my adolescence without a passport, only traveling around the US. When I finally got my hands on that little blue book which had the most unattractive portrait of me with my hair tucked behind my ears, faded tank top and smileless face… I was on cloud nine.

Finally, I had my ticket to other worlds, other people, other languages and I couldn’t wait.

Fast forward to today, nearly 2 years and 16 countries later, after calling 3 of those countries “home”… I can’t help but feel exhausted by the thought of my next trip.

Travel has become the new club… so to speak. You want to show off the bottles you popped last weekend? Lame.

All of the cool kids are showing off their latest passport stamp.

Even though I can wholeheartedly get behind a movement that pushes people out of their comfort zones, I never bought into this lifestyle for the Instagram likes, the blog page views or the reputation.

I found this life due to necessity. If you follow my boyfriend and I, you’ll know that we are from two different countries, making it extremely difficult to find a place where we can both live together for longer than 3 months.

We’ve been in Europe, through Asia, to Mexico and back again… trying to make this thing work. In the meantime we’ve backpacked, traveled endlessly and shared some unforgettable moments… both good and bad.

I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I’ve grown, stepped up to challenges, made tough decisions, felt strong and weak at the same time. All the while creating the illusion that traveling is easy.

I’ve stood in front of some of the world’s greatest wonders feeling completely depleted.

When I was in stunning Barcelona and could hardly pull myself off of the couch to see the city.. I knew it was time to slow down.

When I wasn’t moved by the beauty of some of the white sand beaches in Asia… I knew I needed a break.

When I was in Paris and just wanted to sit at the park with a croissant and do nothing else… I knew that enough was enough.

I realized that I wasn’t being ungrateful.. I just wasn’t being true to myself.

There are some people who can backpack for a year straight and love every second of it. There are people who don’t need to have roots planted anywhere. There are people who can fly by the seat of their pants and take on every single day as a new challenge.

I’m not one of those people.

I’m learning to be a little more like those people, but in some aspects that will just never be me… and that’s ok.

I want to have my own bed home to look forward to every night. I don’t want to feel temporary all of the time. I can’t live out of a suitcase any longer. I’m tired of feeling like I can’t commit to one place because I’m so used to just packing up and leaving as soon as the going gets tough.

Dare I say it.. maybe I’m getting too old for this sh#^!

There are so many places I am still dying to see (All of Africa, Israel, Scotland, Japan.. just to name a few)… but those places are not going anywhere.. and hopefully neither am I.

More than anything I pride myself on being authentically me, for better or worse. Checklist travel was never my jam and I’m not competing with anyone else to see who can cross more countries off of a completely irrelevant list.

Our only goal with this blog was to show other people that it is possible… but by no means am I going to lie and say that it is easy.

We’ve had to sleep outside on more than one occasion. We’ve endured Airbnb’s that were so terrible… sleeping outside would have been a better option. We’ve also stayed in 5-star hotels where we felt like we couldn’t amount to the red carpet that was being rolled out for us.

It has really all been one big game of give and take.

Through everything there is one thing I am sure of…

If I ever get to the point where I forget how fortunate I am- to have a US passport, to have a passport PERIOD, to be able to see the world, to experience so many things I never could have imagined I would ever do….

I’ll stop and remember that Vegas girl who got excited just by walking through the airport terminal.

Traveling is a gift that few receive. But what happens when the glamorized life of constant-travel isn't all it is cracked up to be?

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  • I feel you; I love to travel but I need to have my roots at my home, with my furbabies. Traveling isn’t easy, but it allows for growth and experiences – enjoy it…and then head back home!

  • This is beautiful – sometimes we do forget how lucky we are when our dreams start coming true, but reflecting on it all puts it back into perspective. I’m feeling lucky I got to have a sneak peak into your thoughts on it all!

    • Zoe thank you so much! The thought of being unappreciative for this beautiful life just sends chills down my spine… it is so important to have reality checks!

  • You make some interesting points! I don’t travel as much as you, when I do I’m always grateful to be back and if anything I feel extra appreciative of my home and what I have. 🙂
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

  • Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us. The pictures are so pretty, and traveling have its ups and downs. Thank you for your post.

  • As, the eternal dilemma. You know, we’ve been asking this ourselves. It’s because, at the beginning, everything is sooo damn nice, but as you travel more and more, you become picky. The best remedy is to just stop travelling for 3 months… then, anything and everything will be just as exciting as your first ever trip.

  • I totally know how you feel! Traveling isn’t instagram perfect beaches and fluffy hotel pillows! There have been so many times I have sat crying with no idea what to do. When I am away I crave the routine of having a job and each day having a purpose, though when I eventually go back to work I just want to quit and head back on the road again. Enjoy it while you are there 🙂

    • Yes exactly…. having a routine, a place to call your own… those are some of the issues we have. But you are totally right we have to enjoy while we can!

  • “When I wasn’t moved by the beauty…I knew I needed a break.” Yes! Yes! Yes! Realizing you need to appreciate and not take things for granted is half the battle. Love this!

  • I feeeeeeeel you! My god, my friends laugh when I told them, I’m watching a lot of interior designing/cat videos/gardening stuff while on the road. As much as I love traveling, I equally love the idea of stillness and staying in a place I can call Point A. Thank you for this!

    [I’m in an interracial relationship too!]

    • OMG you are like living my life hahah.. Yes I remember I posted on IG once about watching Netflix.. and someone was like you’re watching TV while you travel!? Yes! I need a break, I need me time! That’s too funny.

  • I love your openness and honesty! It’s so true that life ebbs and flows and sometimes you just have to ride the waves — of excitement for something new and the longing to be comfortable. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  • Thank you for the wonderful heartfelt post. Like you, I’m blessed to have the most powerful passport in the world, allowing me to choose whatever style of travel I want. Yet I’ve never been on the road full-time; I still want to have a home of my own and friends and a stable community, much as this dream is derided by the “digital nomad” and “location independent” lifestyle crowd. Do what makes you happy and what best serves the ones you love!

    • Brooke this is exactly how I feel! The people who have to work in an office are the ones who want to be able to work all over the world.. and vice versa.. you have to do what makes you happy!

  • Oh I hear you! We have been travelling for 18 months in our camper and whilst I do recognise a lot of what you describe, having your own home with you makes such a huge difference to our travelling experiences. May be you need to join the camper fraternity and see how travel feels when you have your home with you all along the way. Great blog. Kx

  • I was thinking about this the other day. How the more we travel and the more we see the less amazed we are by what we see. We used to be amazed and entertained by the littlest things in other countries. I think it just takes reminding myself how lucky I am but also doing what I want to and not what I think we should for the sake of Instagram or any other travel expectations.

  • I so relate to this and being true to yourself. I love travel but if I did it at an insane pace I would totally wear myself out. For me, I need to slow down and enjoy myself and take quiet moments to really enjoy things and not just tick another country off my list. I try and remember like you said to do it for me and not the instagram glory that is so fleeting.

  • I love your honesty and totally feel you! Being true to yourself is the most important thing of all! I’ve never been the type of person who can jet off for months on end without returning home. What can I say, I love my bed, my family and my mums cooking ;). For a long time I felt as those I was missing out for not travelling for longer than a month at a time but now I’ve learnt that its ok!

    We should all travel in our own way and for you it sounds like that’s to lay some roots for a while. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and yes TRAVEL ISN’T EASY : )

  • The ability to travel freely is a beautiful privilege indeed. However, I completely understand your shift towards wanting a bit more of a base. My hubby and I travelled full-time last year, spending only a total of 2.5 months at home (spread out throughout the year). We both suffered serious travel fatigue by December. However, this year we focused on having more of a balance between travel and home lifestyle. It’s been so much more enjoyable. The trips shorter, and spread out so that we at least have a week or two to recharge. We’re the architects of our lives, and it’s up to design them in a way that works best for our needs. Enjoy this new journey!

    • Eulanda! Yes, yes yes. This is exactly what my boyfriend and I are working towards for the upcoming year. Thank you for sharing.. that really makes me feel better.