Affiliate Programs & Sponsored Content Websites for Online Creators

There are a ton of ways to make money as a blogger or influencer. But it’s going to be up to you to weed through the hazy avenues of the inter web to find the programs that are best for you and your brand. Authenticity, honesty and transparency are key in this endeavor. We’re going to break down some of the best affiliate programs and sponsored content websites you can join as a new blogger or online influencer.

Affiliate Programs & Sponsored Content

Affiliate programs are essential for blog monetization. We have listed a couple of platforms that will help you on your way to financial success!


Awin would have to be one of our favorite affiliate programs. It is extremely user-friendly and has some wonderful brands that you can partner with. It costs $5 to sign up with Awin, but you will get this money back as soon as you make your first commission! All you have to do is create a profile, search for some companies that align with your brand and apply to be an affiliate for those companies!

Possible partnerships for travel bloggers-, Lonely Planet, Trusted Housesitters, Europcar, Barcelo Hotel Group, Eurail and more…

Possible partnerships for fashion bloggers- All Saints, Etsy, Superdry, Desigual and more…

There are hundreds and hundreds of notable brands ranging from DIY to baby goods! If you want to start earning money from Awin click here!

Maven Xchange

Think Pinterest, but with a few more dollar signs. On Maven you create boards with your favorite products and earn a commission when someone purchases them through your affiliate links! This is seriously one of our favorite affiliate platforms because it is actually really fun to use! Want to get signed up for FREE? Click here!

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Share A Sale

Share A Sale is not quite as easy to navigate, but with advertisers ranging from Spanx to Warby Parker and everything in between, you can see why it is a no-brainer. This affiliate program is free and once you apply you will only have to wait a couple of days for approval. The process to contact advertisers is nearly the same as Awin. No matter what niche you are covering, you will find some great stuff on Share A Sale. Click here to start an account!

Full Bottle

Full Bottle is an awesome sponsored content website that allows you to get paid to post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or to post original content to your blog. This platform not only gives you a look into what marketers are currently looking for, it also gives you step by step details on everything from what kind of photos you should take, what you should bid per like or even what kind of message to convey.

Full Bottle has stricter criteria than the other programs mentioned above, but it also makes it easier to make money from the content you create. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get accepted to any programs at the beginning, use the website as a tool to see what kind of numbers, engagements and viewers are wanted so you have some clear goals to reach. Sign up for Full Bottle here!

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Rakuten (formerly Link Share)

First and foremost, the approval process for Rakuten is pretty fast! We were approved only a couple of days after we applied which means we get to reach out to advertisers even faster! Travel bloggers might be interested in companies like; Lyft, Hilton, Travel Insurance Direct and Trivago. Fashion bloggers should get excited about brands such as; Nasty Gal, Beach Bunny Swimwear, Converse and MAC Cosmetics. Sign up here.


The global powerhouse that is Amazon actually has an affiliate program. With such a trusted name… it shouldn’t be hard for you to naturally incorporate Amazon links, banners of product carousels to relevant blog posts or even Youtube videos.

The cool thing about Amazon’s affiliate program is that the viewer doesn’t necessarily have to buy the product you’ve linked. You have a special cookie attached to your link that will stay in their browser and will track other purchases they make through Amazon. That was all a lot of tech mumbo jumbo to tell you that… there are definite ways you can make sales through this program! There are no third-party approvals for joining Amazon so get started here now.

Massive Sway

Similar to Full Bottle, Massive Sway allows you to look through current campaigns and apply to those that you see fit. From what we’ve seen, there are definitely more campaigns here that pertain to mom-bloggers. However, if you regularly log-on you’ll find that there is a great mix of campaigns to be a part of. To apply for Massive Sway click here!

Affiliate programs are essential for blog monetization. We have listed a couple of platforms that will help you on your way to financial success!

  • By no means is this a comprehensive list of programs that will help you make money from blogging. However, these are a great start! Apply for a few programs, go back through older content to incorporate relevant links or ads and really start mapping our your brand’s future!
  • If you have any questions please let us know in the comments or shoot us an email, we’d love to help out!
[Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission to fund our travels if you use these links. You will not be charged extra, and we’ll get to share more stories… and of course, all opinions are our own!]

Affiliate programs are essential for blog monetization. We have listed a couple of platforms that will help you on your way to financial success!







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