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I am a media junky born and raised in the jewel of Southern Nevada, Viva Las Vegas! I am a trained dancer and professional performer, with a love for art in any form. Recovering junk food addict, embarrassed reality TV connoisseur, self-proclaimed pizza aficionado, hip hop head and ambassador for all things wild and exciting. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and Journalism & Media Studies  from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I am fascinated with communication and more importantly how it connects all people on Earth. At 23, I packed two suitcases, left the great United States on an expedition for knowledge, growth and love in Scandinavia. I am the head writer and content creator on Prince & the Pear, I take all photos (I love my Canon), and I absolutely believe in a life with no boundaries.



Coming from the long winters of Copenhagen, Denmark, I tend to be attracted to warm winds and sunny beaches, this may or may not have something to do with the fact that I found my better half in the middle of a hot desert. My obsession with traveling transformed everything about me, from the food I eat, to the way I view the world. I’m a former professional athlete with a sweet tooth almost as big as I am (6’8). Some might call me the Michael Jordan of snacking and I would have to agree. I’m a chef school dropout turned entrepreneur with a fear of mediocrity and limitations. With that being said, I am a man of contrast, I also enjoy the simplicity of Netflix marathons, my morning coffee ritual and shower singing.

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