10 Gift Ideas Under $50 For The Traveler In Your Life

One common mantra that most travelers can agree on is that money can buy happiness when you spend money on experiences instead of things. Though we would all love to give our friends and family the gift of travel, it’s not so easy to buy someone a round-trip flight to a destination of their choice. What do you get for that friend who is always on the go? How do you show someone that you support their passion for global excursions?

We have compiled a list of the best gifts for travelers in your life. Not only are the items on this gift guide personable, unique and one-of-a-kind… they are also under $50! If you find something you know would make the perfect gift, click on the image and it will take you directly to the shop.

Gifts for Travelers: Get Into Gear

Tech-savvy travelers will love this classic messenger bag. With removable inserts, it is perfect for holding cameras, iPads and other gadgets and essentials that simply can’t be left at home. The neutral colors matched with this modern style would go great with the jetsetter who gets off of the plane and immediately looks like they belong.. no matter what continent they’re on.

Subtle Details

 These dainty pieces show a love for travel, without being too over the top. Though these emblems may be small, their meaning is mighty. Without breaking the bank, you can give a gift that will always be a reminder of the magic that surrounds living a wanderlust life.

Color Outside of the Lines

You’ll never forget the first country you fell in love with. Food, culture, sites… and of course the people, stay fixed in your mind much longer than the faded stamp in your passport. Gift the traveler in your life with a custom watercolor print of the country that made them fall in love with travel in the first place.

Prepped & Packed

Packing cubes are a hot commodity in the travel community. They are truly a gift from above, especially when traveling with limited luggage space or for long-term trips. These packs make it easy to organize garments, compress them into tight spaces and separate dirty clothes from the rest of the goods.

Get Personal

Out on the road, passports are golden. Help protect these little treasures with a personalized passport cover. You can customize with well-wishes for future travels, or memories from past excursions. These make great gifts for partners or friends.

Need more travel inspo? Click here for our Southeast Asia packing list!

Scenic Scratch-Offs

Every traveler loves thinking about all of the cities, provinces and continents they’ve conquered. This unique map allows them to scratch-off all of the diverse and wonderful places they’ve experienced. On display, this map serves as the perfect dream board for future itineraries.

Brush It Off

Makeup brushes can range in price from $5 to well over $100! This hefty price tag means that no makeup junky is simply going to throw their brushes in the bottom of their bag. This carrier protects the brushes while remaining compact.

Tag Along

These luggage tags are a wonderful “thinking of you” gift for that traveler who is about to set sail on a life-changing excursion. Durable and eye-catching, you can customize to share an inspiring quote.

Carry-On Cargo

From trendy clutches to comfy backpacks, there’s nothing better than having the perfect personal item to stow underneath the seat on the plane. This gives easy access to all of those essentials that need to be close by during a flight.

Toilet et Toilette

Toiletry bags make using showers and bathrooms in public spaces or hostels a breeze. All of the necessary products in one, succinct pack. Get these worn, leathered toiletry bags with personalized names or initials.

What are your favorite travel gifts? Anything we should add to the list? Let us know!

[Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission to fund our travels if you use these links. You will not be charged extra, and we’ll get to share more stories… and of course, all opinions are our own!]

This guide is perfect for the wanderlust, jetsetter in your life. These gifts for travelers are unique, one-of-a-kind and are all under $50!


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